Sunday, August 5, 2012

Illuminati Lighter

Lighter with amazingly blatant symbolism. Vigilant Citizen has highlighted how TPTB have been putting this obvious stuff on t-shirts now. Notice the currency-style embellishments and the chains which actually wrap around to the back of the lighter. Also notice that if you turn the lighter upside down so that the lower eye is right-side up, the pentagram is inverted.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

322 Hidden in "The Watch" Trailer

Some less than subtle subliminal imagery I noticed in the theater when I went to see "Prometheus". Pull up the shorter trailer for "The Watch" (formerly "The Neighborhood Watch). Skip to 1:44 and there it is---the official number of the Skull and Bones fraternity, 322.

322 shows up backwards in Prometheus...the moon they visit is LV-223.

322 is also featured very subtly in the background of the banner on the CIA puppet site

Do you see the Matrix yet Neo?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Photos of Pretzel-shaped Chemtrail

The complete formation-notice the much smaller normal contrail underneath.

I pulled off the interstate and took these photos in SW Florida in April of 2012. This was definitely a chemtrail. (I've been chemtrail watching for several years now.) I kept taking photos as the formation got more and more strange and twisted. It lingered in the sky for at least an hour. I thought it was an error in the chem-drones pilot program, but a month of so later, the same/similar formation appeared! However, there was a lot of cloud cover, so I couldn't get an pictures of it.

Here is the beginning of the formation:
Plane came from right side, dipped down, then went up and looped back.
Going up again.
The plane eventually made a straight course in the direction it had come from. Here is a shot of a near-by normal contrail for comparison. It faded within seconds.
Small contrail below larger chemtrail
Also, here is a tic-tac-toe shaped chemtrail I photographed over my house Spring 2012.

Please feel free to use these images.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Zombies and Aliens: Predictive programming is getting intense!

Man in Black or Grey Alien? Or both?

UPDATE 1: Just a quick update regarding my earlier post connecting zombies, diseases and aliens. The CDC has put out a comic book about a "fictional" zombie virus occurring in the southeast US.

Put this together with the recent headlines about the "flesh-eating virus" in the SE and Miami's two zombie attacks, and I am officially creeped out. Time to lay low and pray you and your family won't be part of the depopulation event.

UPDATE 2: My favorite piece of mind-numbing predictive programing, FOX's "Fringe", has taken a creepy new turn. I wrote about its symbolism previously. In Season 4, the episode called "Brave New World part 1" is a more sinister depiction of what the NWO will look like. The city is in lock-down, run by the Observers. Humans are monitored in all their activities as the Observer-run government tries to defeat the human resistance. Some humans are even given a tattooed "mark" on the face if they choose to serve the Observers. All soldiers have the mark, as do some prostitutes. Trying to make a statement?

The Observers represent the Grey aliens: First, they lack all hair, just like the aliens. Second, they are only male (Greys are asexual clones). Third, they communicate telepathically, just like the Greys. Fourth, they sexually enjoy human women, like the Watchers of the Bible (also, the Observers are literally "watchers"). Fifth, they have advanced technology and long lives.

On a side note, if the Observers are supposed to be the future evolution of humans, isn't it odd that they are all pasty white? What happened to all the brown people? Did the NWO kill them off?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Who is the Anti-Anti-Christ?

A politician? Not likely.
Suppose for a moment that you are one of the highest ranking members of the Illuminati. Suppose that your mission is to get people to accept the Anti-Christ.  Well, however you go about it, you will have a hard time, because no matter how good your Anti-Christ is, there will still be a number of people who will say "This isn't the Second Coming of Christ! We haven't seen the Anti-Christ or Tribulation yet!" What is the easiest way to keep people from realizing that your man is the Anti-Christ? Create a fake Anti-Christ, have him defeated, and once you have that out of the way, the time will be ripe for the real thing.
I know, it's confusing. You've got the real Jesus, then a guy pretending to be Jesus, and then a guy pretending to be a guy pretending to be Jesus. But in order for the the Anti-Christ to be accepted, people must believe that they have already been through the Tribulation Otherwise they will never buy it. They need a patsy, a fall guy, a fake Anti-Christ to be overthrown before the real deal comes on the scene. I call this fall guy the "Anti-Anti-Christ".  They would be fools not to realize that people need to see an Anti-Christ before they will accept the Second Coming of Christ. Which scenario seems more likely?

Scenario A: A bunch of plagues and earthquakes and what not happens. Then some politician shows up and everybody worships him as Jesus.

Scenario B:  A bunch of plagues and earthquakes take place. A charismatic politician comes forward and  then starts executing dissidents. He wants people to worship him, but they won't. Then an amazing supernatural being appears and defeats the politician and promises peace and happiness. People believe that the politician was the Anti-Christ, and the being who defeated him was the real Christ.

Many people believe Obama could be the Anti-Christ. There are a number of oddities surrounding him that I believe are calculated to make him appear to be the Anti-Christ. Most notably:

1. The zip code of Chicago, where he lived, is 60606. This is also the zipcode  of the NATO summit.

2. Obama built an "alter" or stage that looked remarkably like the Altar of Zeus, which he visited in a museum in Berlin. It originally was in a Greek temple to Zeus in Pergamum. This temple is referred to in Rev. 2:13 "I know that city [Pergamum] where Satan lives." (Apollyon Rising 2012, pg 104-106)

3. On the night after Obama was elected, the winning Pick-3 numbers for the Illinois lottery were 6-6-6. (

4. Thomas Horn documented a number of unusually hyperbolic media references comparing Obama to Jesus, including "He is not the Word made flesh, but the triumph of word over flesh", "He will bring the Heavenly Kingdom to Earth. He will heal the Earth itself" and "What if God incarnated as a man preaching 'hope and change'?" As I pointed out in previous post, Thomas Horn's book Apollyon Rising 2012 appears to be sending Christians subtle (and not-so-subtle) hints that Obama is the Anti-Christ.

Christians have been taught through false preachers and the media that the Anti-Christ will be a politician (see Omega Code 2, The Omen, Apocalyse 2: Revelation, The Gathering, Left Behind). Nothing could be further from the truth. Emperors and kings may have been worshiped throughout history, but it is going to take more than a few magic tricks to get American Christians to believe that a stuffed suit is actually Jesus. Besides, for all the heady optimism at Obama's election (I cried for joy when he won), he is becoming universally despised. Of course the conservatives have always hated him, but liberals as well are turning on him in droves for continuing down the path of war and totalitarianism that Bush II started off down after 9/11. This guy will be lucky to win the next election, let alone be worshiped as a god. The glow of Obama wore off a long time ago, for Americans and the rest of the world. I believe that TPTB are going to pin Obama as the Anti-Christ. They are going to have some sort of nasty political crack-down under him, throw in a few HAARP-induced disasters and genetically engineered plagues, and everybody will think he is the Man of Sin. The preachers will be spouting it non-stop: "Barack Hussien Obama is the Anti-Christ! The liberals worship him as God!" People will be too traumatized to guess that maybe it's all a sham. Maybe he is supposed  to look like a bad guy. It will seem to far-fetched that "the man behind the curtain" planned it all to create a fake Anti-Christ. And the average Christians' brain will be too full of fluoride, meat products and Dr. Dobson to even imagine that TPTB could be so devious, so smart, so efficient at planning ahead.

So who is the REAL Anti-Christ?
 Many people on the Right and the Left make the mistake of thinking that our current troubles will lead to some sort of violent political war. No doubt there will be war and violence, but the primary battles won't be fought with guns, but with ideas. This epoch is the culmination of a spiritual war, where the weapons are deceptions, and the battlefield is the human mind and heart. If they can fill your heart with hatred for Obama, they will have won you over. This is a war for souls. some souls will go to the next stage of humanity, some will become food for the aliens/demons.
To win a spiritual war, you need a spiritual leader. Someone who actually looks and talks like Jesus, but with a slightly different message. My best guess: Benjamin Creme's Maitreya. People are already literally worshipping him as the Second Coming of Christ. The UN is promoting his cult.  And there are two crucial differences between him and Obama---first, Maitreya actually has supernatural powers, and second, he actually claims to be Christ! (see

Who are people more likely to worship as a god?

This guy...... 

Some politician that nobody really likes any more, even though he seemed pretty cool at first.  

 Or this guy????

Lord Maitreya

Also Maitreya- kinda looks like a prophet doesn't he? Like Jesus?

 However, I also think Prince William is a also good candidate for the Anti-Christ. Maybe Maitreya is the false prophet. (see or

But one thing is sure--TPTB are not going to bring out their Anti-Christ until they have brought forward and then defeated their Anti-Anti-Christ.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Esoteric Reading of Lord of the Rings

Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" and "Silmarillion" contain many esoteric clues that point to a "secret reading" of the works. In this post I will try to document as many clues as I can, but further suggestions from readers are more than welcome!

Numeric symbolism first clued me into the fact that Tolkien was an adept (of course it's a good guess that anyone who is famous for writing about magic and comes from an elite British background is actually an adept). For example:

*In LOTR, Bilbo celebrates his "eleventy-first" birthday. 121 years= 11 x 11 years (Masonic Master number)
*There are 11x11 musical scores from the LOTR film trilogy
*There are 11x11 questions in the LOTR quiz
* Frodo is 33 years old when he begins the Ring quest.
*The film "Return of the King" says that Frodo returns to the Shire 13 months to the day. 

There are linguistic clues too:
*Although Tolkein denied it, "Moria" looks an awful lot like "Mt. Moriah" in Jersusalem. Tolkien was a linguist and no fool, there is not a word in his works that he did not plan to have a specific sound and meaning.
*Avallone (pronounced "Ava-loh-nay"), a city of the Eldar, is similar to Avalon. Both are beautiful places that used to be portals to another place of existence. Now they are both lost, but can still be accessed by those who have the "lore and starcraft" (from Akallabeth,). King Arthur, the Once and Future King, along with the Beast of Revelation are said to be that which "once was, now is not, yet it will come". Avallone is described in similar terms: "Avallone is vanished from the Earth... yet once they were, and therefor they still are".
* "Ea" is the name Tolkien chooses for the created Universe. It is also the name of a powerful Sumerian god.

Also check out this comparison of the Moria Gate and the Freemason's Royal Arch: (from
Moria Gate

Royal Arch-also seven stars

The Egyptian Connection:
A very proud king arises in Numenor, and he turns to the worship of Morgoth. His name is Ar-Pharazon, very similar to the word "pharaoh". Like the pharoahs, he marries a close relative. Also like the Pharaohs, the kings of Numenor try to prolong life, but only end up being able to preserve the dead bodies, which they house in elaborate tombs.  
BTW, the Athenian empire used to be known as the "Osirian Empire", or Empire of Osiris. The name is very similar to the land of "Ossiriand" in the Silmarillion.

What is the true identity of Melkor/Morgoth?
Clue #1: He claims to be the ultimate God, but he is lying.
Clue #2: He demands blood sacrifice and burnt offerings.
Clue #3: His temple is 500 feet in diameter, 50 feet thick and 500 feet tall.
Clue #4: His servant is represented as a single Eye.

There is another "god" who loves the number 50, who loves blood sacrifice, who loves war and destruction, who demands worship, who falsely claims to be the highest god: His name is Marduk. You may know him by his other name, YHWH.

Any one who has even skimmed through the Old Testament can see that it is FULL of YHWH's wrath and vengeance, mostly for not worshiping him enough. He is a lover of blood sacrifice and burnt offerings. In Melkor's temple, the silver dome turns black from the smoke of burnt offerings. In YHWH's temple, there were special grooves in the floor to carry away the gallons of blood that poured from the altar as they killed terrified animals by the hundreds.
The silver dome of Melkor's temple is blackened by the smoke of burnt offerings from a fire altar: "Thereafter the smoke and the fire went up without ceasing" (from Akallabeth).

Notice the similarity to the Old Testament descriptions of burnt offerings:  "They set the altar in its place.... and they offered burnt offerings on it...morning and evening." (Ezra 3:3)

Let me give you a piece of common-sense advice: If a spirit-entity asks you to stab baby animals with knives on an altar because the blood is "pleasing" to him, that entity is a DEMON, no matter what lies it gives about being the "only true God who loves you".  I believe the true God, Jesus, does not demand blood sacrifice. Instead he offered himself to the demon YHWH to be killed, as a blood sacrifice on our behalf.

Tolkein is a Gnostic, he knows the identity of the Demiurge YHWH/Marduk/Ra/GAOTU, and he made him the ultimate villain, Morgoth.

The Numenoreans: Anti-Christ Propaganda
We are told that the Numenoreans were an ancient people with great technical skill, who lived long lives because of their Elven blood. Their worship of Melkor led to their downfall, when their island home was covered by the sea. Let's see, who else
1. had great technical skill now lost to humanity.
2. were great navigators.
3. turned toward evil and were destroyed by the sea.

The Numenoreans are the Atlanteans. Although Tolkein once again denies any connection, the Elven name for Akallabeth, the land of the Numenoreans vanished beneath the sea, is Atalante!!

 Soooooo that makes Aragorn the last of the Atlanteans. And I believe that Aragorn is also an Anti-christ figure for several reasons:

1. Aragorn is made king once evil is defeated and a "new age"/New World Order begins. Of course the silly rabble need a king to be happy right? Even in a wonderful new age, those pesky proletarians need to be kept in line by a benevolent monarch.
2. Aragorn is of the "pure" bloodline of Numenor- rather like those humans who trace their ancestry to the Annunaki/Reptilians. (British Royals anyone???) Bloodlines are very important to the Illuminati, and to Tolkein.
3. His flag and heraldry reveal his connection to the Pleiades, Niburu and Judaism.
4. The "Return of the King" sounds a lot like the "return of the Once and Future King", Arthur, another Anti-christ figure.

(Note: This long and well-researched article posits Prince Charles as the Anti-Christ, however, much of what they say can be applied to William also.)

So what about the Elves?
The Elves seem to me to represent ET's. They are not human, they have incredibly long lives and they have technical knowledge far beyond humans. More specifically, the Elves are similar to the Star Seed or Star Children. Both groups are made of very old, not-quite-human souls who have a special connection to Nature and especially the sea. They are tired of the work that they have done here to help Earth/Middle Earth, and feel a desire to return home.

The White Council
In the last book of the Silmarillion, Sarumon leads a group of wizards and elves called "The White Council" to direct the affairs of Middle Earth. Oddly enough, the New Age movement includes a "The Great White Brotherhood": a collection of aliens and angels that make decisions about Earth.

 Here's where it gets really weird: I was watching a lesser-known Bogart film, Beat the Devil. In it, he meets a character at a bar who starts speaking hysterically about "the Rosicrusians, the Great White Brotherhood!!!". That is pretty intense stuff for 1953. The film seems to have nothing to do with magic, the occult or anything like that. It doesn't really fit with the plot. Just a hat-tip to the Illuminated Ones I guess.  

I know there is a lot more I have missed, and I will be updating this as I re-read Tolkein's works and take better notes this time. Please feel free to contribute your ideas on LOTR symbolism below.

What is this background design?

The background for this site is an image of the Cosmati Pavement, a tiled floor under the altar of Westminster Abbey. Supposedly it was "discovered" under some carpet during the preparations for William and Kate's wedding. And if you believe that no one ever bothered to look under the carpet smack in the middle of the most famous church in England for hundreds of years, I've got some prime real estate right here in FL that you might be interested in.

The remarkable design contains a wealth of geometry and symbolism, including a numerical riddle that gives the date of the end of the world!

In the year of Christ one thousand two hundred and twelve plus sixty minus four, the third King Henry, the city, Odoricus and the abbot put these porphyry stones together.
If the reader wisely considers all that is laid down, he will find here the end of the primum mobile; a hedge (lives for) three years, add dogs and horses and men, stags and ravens, eagles, enormous whales, the world: each one following triples the years of the one before.

I haven't studied the floor's geometry myself since there is no good image of the whole design available online.

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